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About Me

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my website on stamps of gemstones, minerals, jewelry, clocks, coins and gold/silver.

I started collecting stamps at the age of 12, from 1947 (year India got its independence), when I was studying in Jaipur. First I came across some stamps from Burma now Myanmar where my parents were living. I also got some beautiful stamps of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika as one country on the stamp. Then I got a stamp from India’s independence series which had a reverse picture, which made me more interested.

In the beginning I collected stamps on envelopes and slowly started exchanges. I used to wash the envelopes and put similar stamps in packets of 100. Then I made my own album of world stamps and mounted the stamps with hinges at that time.

My collection continued at a slow pace while I was studying medicine. In 1976 destiny brought me back to the United States working in the gemstone business and had to travel all over the world to buy gemstones which gave me the chance to collect stamps from all over the world.

Having grown up in a family in the gemstone business, I always had a fascination in gems and minerals. While traveling I have seen some rare minerals and stone specimens.

My knowledge of gems and minerals helped me a lot in my collection. As the collection grew, I started thinking of creating an online museum as an educational project. At present I have already put over 10,000 pieces on the site related to these topics with a basic write up and other related information.

Many people helped me in my project and I wish to thank them all. I enjoyed collecting the stamps and I hope you will enjoy browsing through my website.


Dr. Rajnikant Shah